How to transition from classroom training to virtual training

3 Essentials for Effective Online Training

With more delegates making the transition to online learning, there are three things to keep in mind when you want to deliver excellent online training. 

  • Make sure you select learning interventions that enhance the experience of the delegate and help them understand and apply the topic at hand.
  • Understand the tools and platforms you use for delivering training. Most platforms have a rich feature set that can help to step up your training game by making it more interactive and practical. 
  • Alter your pedagogy to facilitate delegate’s learning and overall comprehension of material in the virtual environment. Observation and over-communication are key.

Virtual Delivery Solutions – Frequently asked questions

In case you have any questions remaining regarding Virtual Delivery Solutions and Online Training, please have a look at this FAQ document of ITpreneurs.

Some examples of questions which are addressed are:

  • What is a virtual classroom?
  • Which courseware is best suited for virtual delivery?
  • Can I offer exams with Virtual Classroom, eLearning, and Blended Learning?
  • And more…

Click below to read the full FAQ’s

AMA on Virtual Delivery

This virtual delivery AMA hosted by ITpreneurs is shared with you to help you with

  • learning more about Virtual Delivery and
  • enhancing your virtual delivery skills

AMA part 2 on Virtual Delivery

As virtual delivery is becoming increasingly relevant and important, we are happy to make part 2 of ITpreneurs AMA on Virtual Delivery available to you as well.

  • learn more about virtual delivery
  • enhance your virtual delivery skills

Self-paced training as the new reality

In the ever changing business world, classroom learning is becoming obsolete. Our content partner TalentQuest shows in this video how they can help with leading the transition from classroom to digital by:

  • Offering self-paced and interactive learning solutions
  • Providing relevant and engaging content, compliant with training needs

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